You summon them not

You don’t and have never summoned them, no human being ever has whatsoever.

They summoned you.

No one has ever told a spirit what to do.

They told us what to do.

It was so wierd hearing daniel tosh in his comedy act say “oh you are a wizard? Then where is your demon?” Which could not be more backwards. No spirit is theirs, they belong to the spirits. It should be “Oh you are a demon? Then where is your human?”

Witch, shaman, wizard, whatever the name be the spirits have them and not the other way around.

And it’s quite simple to understand, they take and train whoever they wish and the human being then does what they say and not the other way around, this is always the case. People like this are exactly like puppets you might say, puppets used for different things.

If you ever thought they were doing things for you you were actually only doing things for them.