"You sound like a screeching cat."

I read Phil, “The White Shirt”

exactly the way I read it when it brought the house down

he didn’t believe it was my poem

Well, yeah Phil, I went to school for this.

He says he doesn’t understand poetry, what? it’s all right there, I’m not word salad.

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Not everyone is good at understanding symbolism, and you have a lot of symbolism in your poem. But he should be more supportive. It’s a very good poem, no matter what he says. Some people just don’t know how to read poems.


I write poetry but, strangely enough, i have trouble understanding poetry. When i read other people’s stuff i often struggle to understand what they’re getting at. I don’t know why that is.

I wonder if you feel that way about mine

cuz I use elevated language, or as my friends say

makes connections with imagery. John Ashbery is not always someone I can get, but I have a lot of his books.

Do you like spoken word, or slam poetry? I like all poems, and even songs, with a lot of emotion.

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Sometimes i struggle with yours, like anybody else’s stuff. It’s not that your stuff isn’t good, it just might be over my head. I think you’re more educated and more experienced than i am. As far as spoken word, i have heard some stuff that i like but am not super familiar with it. I really like the idea of the slam, though. It always makes me think of the Beat poets reading their stuff while Kerouac passed around the wine jugs!

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haha, as the song goes, The things they pass for knowledge I can’t understand…

big industry though, and very competitive.

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I think i have trouble with abstract thinking and symbolism, like @ninjastar said.

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