You sold a reverberating carbon ionizer to an unlicensed cephalapoid?

Hate when that happens:)

I feel like I should get the reference, but I don’t.

Men In Black. The worst part is it’s @everhopeful’s new vape rig. It doubles as a sub-ohm neuralyzer.

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It’s from Men in Black. lol sry I was getting bored and needed to post something humorous.

Aahhhh how did I miss that one!

I think you should Netflix it ASAP so you can quote Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Alas, no Netflix. I don’t think it’s on Prime.

What about on demand?

That sounds dangerous. I think he’s playing with fire with that rig.

No TV. Just Prime. And honestly, I only got that because of the free shipping. Being homeless really broke me of my TV addiction. And then I just never went back.

You sneezed so hard you blew your nerd bits clear off?!?

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I see, Amazon prime? I’m not sure how it works but if you have a tv and a DVD player there’s always Red Box. I’m sorry you had that experience. Men in black would definitely put a smile on your face.

I remember it was the first sci fi movie I ever saw. It sparked a love of aliens and pseudoscience that carries on to this day. I might have the VHS around here somewhere.

Nothing like watching a good movie especially a good sci fi. This one is sci fi comedy. It’s great and full of pseudoscience. Nice change of pace from the real pseudoscience that we deal with every time we meet with our psychiatrists :wink: