You shouldn't cuss

Thats what advice my father had when i saw him last, it had been years and years since we had spoken.

Don’t cuss son, it’s not good.

And then he goes out and tortures animals for no good reason, he calls it hunting though to trick himself into thinking it’s normal, he doesn’t need to do it though, even the ancients would tell him that they only did it for food that they needed, not for fun.

A neglectful murderous piece of ■■■■ who wasted his first two tries at father hood on me and my bro telling me not to cuss.

Poor ■■■■■■■ even thinks he is going straight to heaven, no questions asked, nope, he’s in a freaking cult for god’s sake and he tells me not to say the word ■■■■ even though i’ve been through nothing but ■■■■!


Well I know some knowledge of the Christian religion. Early in life if the spirit of rejection was between you and your father, this may have caused your schizophrenia.

anger at parents is actually a good topic this book helped me its called toxic parents and you can buy it on amazon
anger is only natural to feel by the abused and i have confronted my abusive parent about the abuse i suffered because everyone else was playing a game of pretend nothing happened. its really helped me actually. when you mention it to other people everyone says oh forgive and foirget its not always how you feel tho is it forgiving! tc