You realy don't make the money till you make life and death decision for some one else

just why that is…

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It’s not really true, lots of people make big money without making life and death decisions. Rock stars for example. People on Wall Street.

Well…I guess if you’re named in the will?

people on wall street often DO make decisions that can have an effect on life and death. a friend of mine tried to commit suicide after a wall street based fincial advisor screwed him out of his life savings, suggested he invest in a certain stock, that was owned by the advisors brother, that later tanked, but not before the advisor and the brother cashed everything they had in it. My friend went from 30K in savings to 30 cents in his pocket.

So yeah wall street with its corrupt practices can affect life as we know it.

Outch. That’s really bad.

thing is the advisor and his brother technically didn’t do anything illegal, the stocks were doomed from the start, held up by ‘marketing’ long enough to turn the original investors 500K into 2.3M, then they simply sold their stocks and shut down the company the stocks were for, without notifying the other investors, they only got a $200 fine per investor for failure to notify

As a direct care worker, I can tell you that making life and death decisions for someone actually pays next to nothing.

When it came to my father, I’m the one who said make him as comfortable as possible and let him go.
I made no money.

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What do you mean, Zen?


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its one of those stressers in my life. to way out risk, before I do a job!

One charges more to do a job if maybe in the course of the work, one’s arm is going to be torn off!