You People Are Everything

Hello. It’s slither, if you have wondered I have been busy elsewhere. I just want to say how amazing this forum is. I mean 24/7 I have a place to turn. When I felt like turning to the dark side, this place showed me the light.

I got a boost in self esteem here, which allowed me to finish my IT degree, if only barely with passing marks. I especially want to thank Leaf for her time and support. Also Jimbob. When I saw him here years ago he was doing bad, but his personal growth has astounded me.

So thank you again, and for keeping the “roaches” as I like to call them out. You know the ones who join a forum and expect it to revolve around them? Ninjastar, DearZombie, and if I am forgetting any others you do a fantastic job.


It’s really a nice crowd and I’m glad you got some support!! We try our bests!!


Oh forgot to mention rogueone. I always knew you’d make mod one day.


You are too sweet to us! I am glad you find this to be such a positive and supportive place!

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Thanks! Happy to hear you passed!

I’m happy for you that things are going so well. I love having this forum to go to too.

Wow. Congratulations :clap::balloon: !

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