You never know when something will happen

We’re not gods who can look down on Earth and know exactly what’s happening. I was very happy, kicked the swinging door open only to find out our pet bunny was between the door and the wall and was crushed to death. An accident out of no where. That’s why you want to live life to the fullest - because you never know it could end in a moment.
Today is a beautiful fall day and I’m going to enjoy it.


It’s hard to enjoy life when you suffer from an addiction. Getting past the hurdle stage… Is so hard verging on maybe impossible. At least that’s what it feels like.

@anon90843118. what helped me was living with people who had conquered their addiction. It’s contagious and makes you believe it is possible. Alone, I’m not so sure I could have done it.

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I’m going to an overeaters anonymous group soon hope that will help…

Im also going to an eating disorder appointment due in December its a really long waiting list.


let’s see if that does anything

that’s really great u overcame ur addiction high five to ya

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Being with others in a group will really inspire you and you won’t feel so different either.

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