You never know how it goes with women

Earlier today I saw one woman whom I helped with her bicycle last year, she says hellos to me always when I see her during my bicycle rides, then I saw another woman with whom I exchanged kisses over half a decade ago, she also says hellos to me, but today I learned that these two women are connected. A funny world.


I have lived in my neighborhood for the long time. I have learned to see people who are regular in the neighborhood, but yesterday in the morning I saw a strange woman walking quite early. Well, people can walk whenever they want to do so.

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Is it safe to walk in your neighborhood this early?

Yes, my neighborhood is quite safe even this early. It is not the safest neighborhood of the town, but nothing serious has happened in the past few years. There is a bar I can see from my place and I have never gone there, it is probably a meeting place for many single men we have here.


I’m totally in love right… but don’t know what to make of it. She more or less says she’ll never stay for good.

It’s almost perfect when we’re together. Aside from me drinking and smoking too much.

I like to think I’m the one who she get’s that comfortable with… she’s made some indication that’s the case.

All in all it’s cool though… She’s cool if I see other people… but it’s odd… I don’t even want too.

yup, through YOU! :smile:

Was she strange because you didn’t know her, or was she strange because of her walking early?
(sorry, I’m just in an obnoxiously inquisitive mood right now.)

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