You never know about people

I remember when I was 17 and I had my first car, a 1966 Chevelle Malibu. There was a kid down the street named Joe, a big tough guy, a year older than me. His dad took a liking to me because when me and a few other friends played football in the street, he would come out and play with us. And Joe was a poor sport and used his size to bully everybody. His father didn’t like it and bugged Joe, but he liked me because I had no natural athletic ability but I stuck in there and did my best among better players and I did alright. This was all in sixth grade an seventh grade. There was another kid across the street who was even bigger and bullied me too. I knew him from fifth grade on. His name was Bob. He hated me. And I hated him. But we had friends in common and I had to see him every day. His step-father was a quiet guy who I never talked to but I always saw him driving his car and sometimes he passed us as we were playing. Cut to 17 years old and my car. I was driving home one night and I was making a u-turn in front of my apartment. All of a sudden I heard a loud “bang” and I saw sparks shooting up my car window and my car tilted. I got out to look. My wheel had come off!! Not just the tire, but the whole wheel! And people poured out of their houses to see what happened. My wheel had rolled thirty feet into my neighbors living room wall. But now about the title of this post.

Joe’s father happened to drive by and he stopped and saw what happened and he asked “Hey do you need any help”?
I said no. He said,“You sure”? I said yeah. THEN, BOB’s dad came out of his house and walked over looking very concerned. He also said,“Do you need help:? I said no. He then said, Well if you ever need any help with anything just ask”. You could have knocked me over with a feather!! Before this I wasn’t even sure if he knew I existed!!I It was amazing to me because I was always low man on the totem pole and never felt liked, but you never know who you are effecting or making an impression on.


Great story,I like reading it

i like to think most people are like that :smile: i know i am, i am always asking people if they need help and things especially the elderly as they are the most vulnerable i think,

i think if you are nice to someone then they will return the favour and vice versa,

people have been nice to me as i have lived.

people have been cruel, but mostly nice.

That is a great story. And it is true that you never really know what someone is thinking. I think the good comes out in most people when they see someone in need.

Great story. What happened with your car? If somebody asked me if I needed help in that situation, I would have been, like, yes, please help!! I am always afraid of car problems.

I had a similar experience which restored my faith in humanity. My car ran out of gas in the city center of my hometown…anyway these folk came up to me, saw I had a problem and offered to drive me to the petrol station and buy me petrol too. I turned him down but it was the fact that he offered. I appreciated it and it prevented me from becoming the biggest cynic.

Hi. It was right in front of my house so I drove it on the bare hub about ten feet and parked it. Later I got a jack, and a new wheel and put it on. The lug nuts were still on my car. The rim had had just burst through 5 lug nuts and came off, over the bolts! The scary part was that just the night before this happened I was driving at night home from Santa Cruz on a winding highway through the mountains that leads to the beach and back. So I was extremely lucky that the wheel didn’t fall off just as i was driving 24 hours before.

What good fortune for you to be so close to your house when it happened. Did that make you feel as though God was watching over you? That’s how it would have made me feel.

Way back when, when I was working as an electronics technician, my boss, an engineer, used to treat me like crap.

One time he needed to string a coax cable across the room at ceiling level. Next thing you know he calls me over and assigns me the job of taking paper clips and unbending then such that they become double ended hooks that are to be used to hook the coax cable to the ceiling.

I said to myself, Holy crap, I work as a technician yet he’s got me doing ridiculously stupid things like this.

Later on I was assigned a new job of building a test jig that would test one of the TV remote control devices that we were building at that time. They asked me how long it would take. I said,…two weeks.

Then after that my boss kept on interfering with my work and thus was delaying the project.

Two weeks passed by. He then came over and while standing behind me at the work bench, complained about the test jig not being completed. I turned around and said, “You interfered with my work, you delayed my work, therefore it’s your bloody problem, not mine.”.

I then turned around and went back to work, totally ignoring the fact that he was still standing there.

After that, to my surprise, he treated me kindly.

I’m always surprised when anyone accepts me - I’m suspicious that it’s not for real. I’m just like anyone else - they would accept me, but it’s thoughts or feelings in my own mind that keep me away.

I had a lot of experience at being cast as some kind of joke or as a mascot in school. And I felt I was. When I dropped out of school I dropped out of the world of people. My social schooling stopped there.