You need testing

A teenager once said he brought this to school and showed it to everyone in a project or something like that.

They sent him to get testing. Thought something was wrong with him maybe.

But you must know the artist. The true artist knows and sees things, and they display your world clearly for you to see in their art. Art imitates life yes?

They sent this teenager for testing for listening to this man who simply displayed our world in his music.

If you have a problem with the art then you have a problem with something else as well.

Listen to it all. You know it’s become dark and we are in serious ■■■■ here don’t you. We’re sinking fast and we’re all ■■■■■■ just like this music makes you feel. This music is art, it is life at present and it’s coming out slowly.

Don’t like this art. Then you do not like your world. Art imitates life.

If you test children more you may have to face the consequences of such. You don’t test for such things anymore okay?

I do need testing. Level 2 insurance broker next month. Gonna nail that, too.


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