You meet your 18 year old self.....?

need a hug? that’s what i would say

might say ‘are you ok?’ or ‘can i help’

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That sounds good that things are finally improving eventhough it is slow.
I Hope I’m getting off olanzapine too one day.

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All the best! In my experience it’s definitely a struggle.


Go to college


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“It gets better”


Enjoy your life


You’ll get schizophrenia

Man. If I added up all the money I spent on weed from ages 18-32. I’d have a small home by now

Stop fighting sz, see a dr and take your antipsychotic.

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Be honest with your Drs.

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Don’t sell drugs. I used to and it snowballed into this horrible situation and people think I’m a spy

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Also, stay on meds

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You poor guy.,….

I’m 19 right now, but I guess I’ll say to stop using xans.

blank false friends.

On my 18th birthday I was shuffling around gangster wanna bees in and out of places on a never ending search for hard drugs — I hate having a car sometimes, and I’m terrible with assertive ness
I took my first hit of tiniest crack rock
Never again
I hate getting stuck in sketchy situations
I don’t even use drugs! :grimacing:

Don’t get pregnant.

Dont get married.

Leave the arsehole.

Don’t hoard narcs.

Obey military rules.

Stay in military.

Retire from military.

Join the Army.

Not Air Force.

Have son committed.

Stay in cosmetology.


Everything works out.

I’d tell me life is going to be hard the next ten years, even harder than the previous ten. I’d tell me I find a better future with more opportunities than I have ever imagined having.

I would also tell myself to get my sleep apnea diagnosed and get on CPAP. It’s a game changer.

I would say ask girls on dates.
Also report harassment to hr