You may say I'm a dreamer

Having trouble at work because when I go there, I go into my world with my people (the ones people in this world can’t see) and I get really angry when someone tries to interrupt me spending time with them. Then, when someone gives me keys and tells me “Go get this customer a ___” I’ll start walking over, and as I’m walking, my world overlaps this one and I might stop walking or start wandering the wrong way.

Then, when I’m trying to listen to someone, their words get chopped up sometimes (example: man says “…walking under a ladder and had an accident…” and I hear “laddernhad”, and I’m thinking, “what’s a laddernhad?”). Or I just can’t understand them at all over my people talking.

Talk to my pdoc, I know, but this work thing is becoming impossible. Maybe I’m not ready.

just try to be in the moment, when some one says something to you , look down and see the pen on the desk, the laptop, anchor yourself in the ’ now ', perhaps write what you have to do on a piece of paper so you do not forget.
look up ’ mindfullness ’ on the net.
it is part of the sz rainbow, i have to anchor myself all the time, it helps with my pychosis and anger aswell, brings me back from the chaos.
take care
p.s this takes practice but it is a good tool i use to stay in the moment.

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I have the exact same problem. My other people will be talking about important things then get angry if someone started talking to me. I I also have some hallucinations which are super distracting and cause me to wander a lot.

Unfortunately I had to quit my job and ultimately school (for now). Although some days I could handle it better. I tried to just super concentrate on one aspect of the job. Sometimes it worked. Plus my boss like all the work I got done with a certain part.

I know its really hard and challenging. I wish you luck.