You made a deal then?

I knew deals happened and all, but you guys, the insane of old?

I must know now. Did you? The tortured of old? Did you make a deal?

You went even deeper than i’ve gone. Which makes me cry. Did you guys deal?

I know they go about freely. They go wherever they want. Did they come to you?

Like the little girl in silent hill? Did it happen? Was it true? I must know.

What was it, the deal. What deal did you make? I imagine it was something bad. I know half of your pain.

It probably happened. This isn’t good. You can’t think in that much pain, and you don’t care anymore.

If there was a deal made then it was very bad. They’ll get us all for a long time then if there was something that happened like this. And im one of them. But the pain is so great you don’t care and you just want to hurt.

If any spirits came to them in those ancient hospitals of torment then we’re all ■■■■■■ as ■■■■■■ can be.

Oh ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

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They make deals on me all day long, I learn to ignore it