"you look familiar"

I am trying to figure this one out. What is this and why does it happen to me so often? I’ll meet someone get to chatting and the first silence in the conversation I will often hear “hey you look really familiar” its kind of been building itself into, hopefully, a distorted perception of what is really happening.
Does this happen to anyone else? Is this a weird ice breaker or do I just have a familiar face? A strange pick up line? I want to see what you guys think before this turns into some huge thing
Thank you

sounds like normal conversation, and some people do not have good facial recognition, but also it sounds like a ’ filler ’ when someone fills in the conversation when things go a bit quiet.
i would not worry about it, sounds perfectly normal to me…
take care


When I worked, many times people would swear I was a person they knew and try to get me to remember things we said. When driving around, people would honk and wave to me-alot, this would cause my husband to wonder about me, until he thought he saw me driving downtown when I had never left the house. Two guys pulled over when I was walking and insisted I was being rude to them because I had no idea who they were, they kept saying I was at their friends house-NOT!
The manager of an apartment complex I was visiting kept yelling at me then getting angry because I wasn’t responding back to her. She finally marched up to me, eyed me real good then said, “oh, I thought you were someone else, you need to go to apt. X and knock on the door, because you look just like her sister” twice this happened.
The police even thought I was this other girl, because we apparently drive the same type and color car, but thank goodness we aren’t the same type girl-haha.
One woman even said to me “I could swear you were my daughter!”
Living in the same town all my life you’d think I’d know these people. Had no clue to who they were.
I could go on forever with the stories…but I’ll spare y’all.
So yeah, it does happen.

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This does happen to me a lot. But I’m out an about a lot just walking around and working outside so people see me around and try and place me.

I’ve also come to find people will say that when what they are really trying to relay is, I remind them of someone else.

My plant killing neighbor would tell me I look and seem so familiar to her, but then it really got down to some of my mannerisms reminded her of her favorite Uncle who was also Sz.

When someone says that to me, I take it as I feel familiar to someone and I remind them of another person.

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This made me smile. I too apparently have a twin on campus, but I think I’m the more popular of the two of us. People I don’t know know me (but I forget people too easily so we might have actually had a nice in depth conversation at some point and I just don’t remember). She may have graduated though. I only heard about her twice for two years, but C nearly hugged her thinking she was me! Imagine having to explain that one…