You know you are in trouble when

When you are on your way to the store very early in the morning and dark, and in your mind you see yourself surrounded by people in robes.

Very oh so powerful people in robes.

Yeah, then you know you are in trouble.

Maybe they are people going out on break from some lab !! :wink:

I would have to ask what sort of robes because I’ve been a shop at 4:00 a.m in my bath robe many times.

They are like the catholic robes, creepy.

Secret society robes. The rosicrucians. :rose:

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I burnt all my sisters books on the Rosicrucians and Alister Crowley.

I remember reaching for my meds and hearing one of my voices say “you can’t kill me” back when I was getting started on Geodon, a really low dose at first.

But I did! :smile: