You know when you forget how you got someplace while driving?

I didnt ask to exist. Just do. Bleeding from kidneys now and family is at a distant. Friends never existed in my realm. Im happy so many enjoy life but just know you’re the delusional ones…there is nothing to be happy about here.

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I can’t remember for sure, but you are the one with ferrets, right? Don’t they brighten your day?

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I gave them up about a year ago to my sisters friend. I miss them a lot and regret it but they have a better life now. I took pretty good care of them, better then most, but they deserve to be out of the cage as much as possible and their new owner lets them out 8+ hours a day where i only did 2-4 hours. I partially gave them up because at the time my landscaping biz was taking off and i was working 16+ hours a day. Now im drinking every day and family only triggers me. Good intention or the opposite, i need to free myself from them.

Thanks for replying @TheBest, always like hearing from you. Stay awesomesauce!

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Well that’s good you had their best interest. Take it easy on the alcohol. :slightly_smiling_face:


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