You know what you need?


I know I was a bit wound up before I went over to my parents today. I know I walked in feeling on the defensive. Something about this Aunt makes my back tense up.

I have been trying to figure out what it is about this Aunt that just makes my tense… After the 10th time of hearing it directed towards everyone in the room, I finally heard it…

You know what you need?

She’s the unsolicited advice aunt. She’s also the “forced fun” Aunt.
The forced fun Aunt is the one forever having problems in her love life so she comes to babysit preteen kids with board games like “Candy Land” while she tries to get a 10 year olds advice on how to date through facebook.

It’s been an entire afternoon of “You know what you need?” I think I handled it better then I once would have. But I still feel like I have been dissected and run through a cheese grater. It’s weird how something like this will make me feel physically cold, scattered and so tired.

I’m going to be trying to get warm the rest of the night. To bad the kid sis had to kill our heater a few weeks ago. It gets fixed next week. Just in time for the warmer weather.

Do other people get physical reactions from emotional discomfort?


My sister-in-law is like your aunt. Yeah, I have the same feelings. She also loves to say “You should have…” (bought it at a different place, done it a better way.) She is a know-it-all who always knows the one right way. Plus she’s very opinionated and vociferous about it. It takes me a couple of hours after she leaves to dissipate my resentment. Sometimes when she leaves I feel tense/angry and other times drained from just giving up all hope of liberation.


if you are talking about family then its a case of ‘baaa baaa’ yep our family are the black sheep or i guess more like the invisible sheep lol whatever we are i am sure we separated from the herd a long time ago, or did they seperate from us? i’ll never know,

they have been a bit closer since my mum got her implant though and could hear a lot better, still distant though mostly but i do like when my fave aunt comes over bc she is very nice, last time i saw her she was really bigging me up and i felt good because about that.


“Why don’t you get your eyebrows waxed?”

“Why don’t you add highlights to your hair?”

“Why don’t you get a professional pedicure instead of doing one yourself?”

“Why don’t you eat out at restaurants very often”?

“I wish you would buy Nike shoes instead of cheap plastic ones at WalMart”

“I wish you would shop at JC Penney instead of WalMart”

“Have you seen that website called People Of WalMart? You dont want to become one of them do you”?



yeah annxiety makes you tired hey you got through it without losing it.


gaffa tape the offending mouth ( in your case your aunt ) , i find always works !
take care


lol u nailed it…


I dont let people tell me what I need unless they have PhD or I asked for their opinion. I ask my parents and friends and doctors. I usually get replies like “dont be a perfectionist” and “just pass that class”. I have a hard time accepting anything less than my personal best- in school and in lifting and in my personal life, I am picky about who I pursue a relationship with, but I am pretty bad about casual sex, I am working at that. It’s hard to say no sometimes, but some people just don’t cut it for me and I have to do without instead of lower my standards.

In the gay community, a lot of guys just want to hook up. I’ve only met a couple of guys who actually are looking for a relationship and I talk to them, not the guys who are known to just screw.

I have trouble with girls. I asked three girls if they want to get a coffee after exams so i will date all three of them i guess.


My aunt often gave me a hard time. When I receive my bag of vitamin, she would say man don’t need vitamin it will kill you. When I asked my mother to check my numb hands last night, she said you are just obese even you fingers are sticks of fats. Actually my mom say my aunt and my sis are overweight and we are of similar size but they would like to emphasize I’m very fat unlike them. My aunt often shouts at me and my father. When my inlaw talk to me nicely she would tell him to ignore me. When I order food for my family (those are their favorite foods), she would tell them not to eat them. Every time I take them to restaurants or order food she would say they are trash and rubbish. But i dont understand why she comes along anyway. My father has talked to my mom he don’t want my aunt to come so often. We say we don’t want to see her on our birthdays at least. But my mom won’t listen and yelled if u don’t like my sister it means you don’t respect me. And she was there giving mean comments on our birthdays. They gave her our door key and she often comes into our home without even a call. She often opens every bags and cupboards and gets into our rooms, spending a few hours looking at each and every thing. Last night I was talking to mom about this. She said my aunt took away a large bag of our stuff without even asking. But they let her keep the keys. It is disturbing when she slept over and turnt on the tv set at high volume all night. I won’t be able to sleep. My aunt sometimes would suddenly begin cooking at 2am and do so over night to prepare for a dinner a few days later. I actually think are they still eatable after the days my aunt spent playing with the food? Until one day out of nowhere she accused me of making her our maid by making her cook for us and she did not cook again. I never ask her to do anything. Lately she often pick up on my poor memory.

I’m a patient and tolerating person. I know I’m in a very bad position. I can’t even say a word to their rude comments. The only thing I can do to improve my situation is to work on my health and get better. I will do that.


I think this is fairly common, I’m exhausted after talking with anyone for a long period (or more like being talked at which I get mostly) it makes me feel drained and used up both physically and mentally so other things sneak in which is what I think you got.

Well done on managing it though! That’s brilliant!
Go steady and just take it easy until you’re rejuvenated,
Take care,


I had dreamed of doing that the entire time she was talking. I found leopard print tape so it would match her fake fur coat and boots.


it is always best to match the clothes with said tape, it adds that extra finesse, obviously she is a woman of stlye and grace and after her visit with you guys she was going to darkest africa to retrace dr. livingstone’s footsteps !?! and try and spot her favorite leopard !!
take care