You know love

you know you love somebody when you deal with their inconsiderate family. I told her i’m thinking of wearing just the cast I have on with the air cast for the four weeks and then cut it off myself and not go back to see the orthopedic doctor. I say this because if I go back they will put me in a more rigid cast and I wont be able to walk then her parents will be very angry with me.

You are writing about knuckling under to people who do not have your best interests in mind. If they can’t understand the fact that you are hurt and CAN’T oblige them, you need to make some changes.


I love my partner, I would do anything to make her happy, but I figure its too late the hardware probably has already shifted so It would mean another surgery.

@cbbrown you are still very young and need to take care of that leg no matter if it means more surgery or a harder cast? it’s the only half of a pair of legs that you have !!


Take care of yourself please. If you love Kay, and she loves you, she probably wants the best for you, and that means healthy legs too! Please take care of yourself and don’t let those in laws of yours influence your relationship and your life.

Don’t defy the doctor’s orders. You don’t want to get an aggravated situation.

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