You know how we attain facts?

From experience.

So when someone says “the average head weighs…” and it is a fact you know what that means?

It means some guy actually weighed a head once.

In fact they weighed lots and lots of heads.

There is nothing that we know today that didn’t come from this.

Organ transplants?

You don’t want to know.

Where we got math though is the funniest one.

Some ancient man said hand me those, and a guy said “how many”, but they didn’t have any words for numbers, so he invented the number one. Throughout the years we finally got up to the word denoting twenty.

Yeah the invention of math on earth is fairly funny actually. It started with a guy saying “one”.

You should have seen fire.

Some guy tried to grab it.

No ■■■■ that is what happened, he tried to grab it.

And the knowledge began to spread, don’t grab the fire.