You have to study anyway, no matter your symptoms

I’m studying for college entrance exam and I feel that I’m not so good in memory as before. But the thing is, I have to do it anyway. I have to study anyway. If I don’t study, things will get worse. At least I’m learning new things and it makes me more alive. I have a learning deficit, but it’s okay. I think people should have this mindset.

When I wasn’t on memantine, I felt more alive just because I was approaching some girls (even with alogia and negative symptoms). I felt more alive because I was doing physical exercises. Things weren’t great because glutamate ■■■■■■ my brain, but I did things to feel happier. I challenged myself. The same thing happens with my cognitive deficits. I have to challenge myself. I have cognitive symptoms, but I’ll try to do stuff. It’s kind like having a warrior mindset. It’s great. No matter what your situation is, you can do something to feel happier, to feel alive. Chemical unbalance ■■■■ us up, but we need to do something. We need to have plans. We need to study. We need to do physical exercises. We need to do mental exercises.

Maybe if I don’t moved my ass in order to read some articles on internet, I never would have found about memantine. I never would have found about glutamate. I never would have found about antidepressants (I needed it when I was having suicidal thoughts). I never would have found about aripiprazole (I needed it when I was getting too much chubby).

I have my problems. It’s okay, I’m human, but I believe on myself. You should do it as well. Believe on yourself. Your life is valuable. We want to know about your life experience, no matter what happened to you. That’s it.


keep fighting @brugluiz we are all in the same boat.


So memantine helped you get a little more out of life? I’ve been thinking about asking my pdoc for it.

You’re awesome. I’m trying to decide whether to move this to “school and work” or “health and recovery.” Do you have a preference?

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It’s a kind a mix of them. But you can put it on Health and Recovery.

Yes, memantine helped me a lot, but mindset is more important than that.

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ok, I see. But what if meds are the wrong ones and they just ■■■■ up your brain to a point that they drain the life out of you? its possible you know. They are not harmless meds, I assure you!
sorry for my point today but I am in a situation where I cant without meds, neither with…

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It’s kind like science. You get the meds and get better. It means the meds are good.

When I was psychotic, I took meds and got better. By reading about the experience of those who stopped their medicines to see if they got better, I can presume that I shouldn’t stop my medicines (because those who stopped got worse). I don’t need to be in a car accident to know if I will get hurt or not. I look for the evidences.

Keep fighting, I’m in the same boat, you gotta keep pushing forward. If you do choose med school good luck, that’s too much even for me :disappointed:I barely made it through my undergrad science major.


I chose Psychology. I think it’s better for me. I want to be a coach.