You have to be careful

For example, I’m editing this post.

Aaaaye yei yei.
The doomsday bus has arrived. Ladies and gentleman please extinguish all smoking materials, put your seat back and tray tables in the upright and locking position, stow away all belongings in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.
Put your seat belts on and wait for further announcement from your captain.
It’s going to get bumpy.


There is no beauty in sadness.

Love is a drug.

Madness is also ugly.

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That was kinda depressing pansdisease.

Mine was less depressing than yours though, wasn’t it?


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I tend to push limits but what i do discuss is certainly not all. No where near it. And at times I’ve crossed lines and they let you know. They also kind of let me know what I can and cannot discuss openly, and what I can discuss beyond that privately, and what not to discuss at all.
In some ways they want their agenda known, but they try to control the information, or at least limit the information.

Pansdisease, yes. I got the hint lol. I’m not trying to be depressing though. I’m just trying to talk about the thoughts I was having yesterday. I admit it was a little much but I am depressed. My doctor isn’t even letting me schedule appointments and is on vacation currently. I just found therapist outside the practice I’m going to. I’ve had a stressful week. You have no idea what kinda BS I’m going through so I might sound a little depressing, well the world isn’t perfect and not everyone is slap happy. Nor should we be.

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getting out of the bath is proving a bit of a problem right now plus i have a REALLY old microwave i love living life on the edge haha.

LOL…I have 3 microwaves…two are just a few years old, but I have an ancient 1980s model from my Moms place…still works but its stored in an old car now…that thing is so ,OLD!

e lunaseer my once i put some popcorn in an old microwave and it blew up! my ex called the fir brigade they came round dumped it on the lawn outside then my 2 sister turned up behing the firetruck cause they were at a car boot sale up the road and wanted to know if i was ok and sure enough the fire truck was for me. popcorn bags are dodgy in old microwaves be careful it scared the bejeesus outa me.

Mine is the original built in the cabinet with the oven, it came with the house built in1979.
Is yours as ancient as mine?

You may just have us all beat in the ancient microwave category…save that thing…you might be able to put it in a museum someday!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not going anywhere soon. It’s almost the same size as the oven below it, and it has dial knobs…like an old TV only smaller.
Wonder how much it leaks? Maybe my food isn’t the only thing being cooked!

my Moms has dial knobs…very similar to this one, but just one big dial near the bottom. :slight_smile:

That one looks much more advanced than mine, the one I have has rotating "flip type numbers on it, and the dial knobs twist …gosh it’s pretty ugly too.
Maybe I can put a picture of it on here?

Yeah, you can add an attachment if you can take a pic of it…
Yours is a 70s model so even more ancient than the one I have which i think is mid 80s maybe. Still around 30 years old. My other 2 are digital with different features.