You have the power

the power in your hearts to do the right things in life, it is a struggle with mental illness yes but we have the power to stop it, to get treatment and become compliant,

i have always been compliant bc i have always accepted that i have a problem and you can do that to, i never accepted meds at first but once i got on the right treatment i feel great

we all have the power to get treatment, we all have the answers within us, we know the answers are there we just have to find them, look and you shall find, look within your heart and you will get better, ask yourself ‘what can i do to get better’ and what does your heart say?

mine says 'anything is possible’


It just says stay to the right. Take some risks. Keep fighting.

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I can’t imagine getting better. The depression is too hard. The only thing that seems to make me happy is when I’ve had 2-3 (or 10 for that matter) beers. But I can limit myself to 2 or 3.

So I struggle most of my life, then I drink a couple beers and feel better for a short term.

The meds help a lot with the psychotic symptoms and the depression for that matter…but it feels like I am living in Vain. I can’t wait to rest. I think about death a lot. Not suicide…death.

Hey at least I have things I look forward to…

Today i got KFC and the girl was like “Well, you have a nice day”, just the way she said it made me really happy. Like she treated me as if I was human. Not used to being treated that way. I guess little things like that give me hope. Work was tough today. Although there were some good moments. So I guess I’m being a little harsh, but life is hard…


I could have written this.