You gotta open your mouth

sometimes i worry terribly that someone is wrecking my life behind my back with programs good for someone else. but when i remember i can open my mouth, express what i don’t feel i need or want or deserve (like disciplinary programs) i feel better. i have hope that i’ll be heard and listened to.

i’ve complained to be honest, about conditions at work and in my community here in michigan to as high up as my congressperson. i’ve gotta say it DID help. i was able to hold onto my job even though they wanted to oust me for having MI.

just thought i’d share.



Well that’s good news. I always thought that I have lost a job or two because of the sz. Is it because they said they were firing you because of the sz? Or did they try the shot gun method where they come up with like 50 reasons to fire you so you can’t react to them?

they (at work) were harrassing me humiliating me and treating me unfairly because of the sz they could tell i had. the other details i cannot discuss here because it is sensitive for me.


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I once lost a job because I had 2 bosses and they both told me different things. One boss told me he wanted me to wash dishes and do nothing else. He didn’t want me taking any orders. The other boss told me that she wanted me to take orders.

Well, I wanted to make more money, so I decided to listen to the second boss instead of the first. So I washed dishes and I took orders from customers. I ended up making quite a bit of money.

However, I started feeling guilty over the extra money I made. So I went back to the first boss and told him that I took orders and I gave him back all the money that I made doing it. He was angry. He said that he knew I was doing something fishy and he said that he would call me if he wanted me back to wash dishes. He never ever called me again.

In all honesty I probably should have just kept the money and taken orders on the side as long as possible.

I’m not sure if that’s the same thing as getting fired. He just said he’d call me if he ever wanted me back, but he never called.