You got to question them

I was at the dermatologists on Tuesday to get a suspecious bump on my head looked at. Turns out it was nothing serious and I have another appointment with the doctor in a month to get it frozen off.

But my doctor was old. I usually don’t care but she wasn’t as sharp as I would expected to be. She needed my opinion on a couple of things that I thought she should know herself since she’s the doctor. I didn’t want to embaress her so I kept my mouth shut.

But as the visit went on she said a couple of other things that made my instincts raise up. Like I said, I didn’t want to embaress her so I didn’t say anything. But before I left I thought to my self, “It’s really nice to be polite and respectful, but man, she is in a position to really mess me up. It’s nice to be polite but she could really harm me”. I should have said something but it would have embaressed her in front of her collaeuges. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’ve run into this problem before.

Maybe consider asking for a second opinion? Or on your return visit, request a sample be sent in for biopsy (prior to freezing the bump off)?

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A dermatologist recently told my 19 year old sister that she had shingles from a rash.

A) she is 19
B) she has never had chicken pox
C) she gets rashes like this all the time

And the answer is:

NO she did not have shingles. Gosh, that doctor scared the living crap out of her…

Sometimes, professionals don’t know as much as they think I guess.


The thing to do is to delicately extricate yourself from the situation and get another doctor, if one is available.

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I don’t go to the dr’s because I don’t want one more problem in addition to the one I came in for.

Similar to the c word. It’s a business

Yeah don’t listen to her. Get a scan done if possible. Even if it’s nothing serious. You need to put your mind to rest.

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