You get to be 50's, 60's, 70's and your most common middle name is Marie

don’t you just wish your mothers meant Marie Currie?

ha. most common nothingness name ever.

R.I.P. Martie. you weren’t uncommon.

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Sheri, give it up, soap operas, and t.v. show Dallas. alright. but they may have redefined themselves.

do you think it happened after reading Rich Man, Poor Man?

My daughter’s middle name is Marie.

ok. kinda scared of you right now. it’s expected. do you know?

I like all things ‘mar’ spanish for the sea.

I believe she was French warrior. might not get that right on Jeopardy. ha. Marie Currie. what you know?

of course they did, Sheri, never went to a library with your mother. I went myself. you don’t gotta make a difference, but you did.

difference of time, probably. you’ve never had a child?

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Nah, thank you for asking though especially like that, it feels quite complimentary!

well, it’s hard-headed about wanting to be unique. I’m just nobody really, like Emily Dickinson said. ha.

We have good rapport.

But your making too many jumps with your messaging…

Like I said we have this in common.

But you sound unwell… can you see that in yourself, at this time?

I just kinda figured, a worry of mine, what do I do wrong to lose a moment.

you’re you. so I accept.

Sheri, how many, losses. Well I never seemed right enough, they wanted it to match my face. just shut up Sheri, it’ll all be trouble. ha.

I have a very NOT-unique name. Marie is a cool name though.

But for me, having a very COMMON name and starting out as a quiet kid has probably influenced me into trying to zig where others zag, a little overboard. Sometimes it’s important to just go with the flow.

alright, you may be exaggerating, they never use middle name anyway.
I’m not losing sight of you coming down on me.

figure it, Sheri on here. Some people like you seem unwell,

and then the obvious unwell. wtf.

My sister’s middle name is Mari. The Spanish version of Marie. My niece’s first name is Mari.

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