You ever marvel at what one man/women can do?

I’m not putting us down. But going to the store is a big deal for some of us. Or taking a walk .Doesn’t it freak you out that other people can be successful in life? I mean look at the amazing things one man/women can do. I work on an army base. I’m a janitor. It’s a struggle.But sometimes I will walk into a two star Generals office to vacuum. I will be standing right next to the guy and I think ,'How the hell did they do it"? They are just ordinary men like you and me. The odds are incredible to work your way up to General or Colonel. With all of life’s ups and downs, obstacles and pitfalls,how do they manage to stay on top ? Life is so fragile. I’m emptying trash and putting a new trash bag liner inside.He’s coordinating thousands of soldiers. I just marvel at what one flesh and blood human can do while everybody wants his position. What if they put me in his position tomorrow? I couldn’t last two seconds.

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I’ll bet he’s a basket case when he has a tender enough heart to think that, as a general, he may be influential in the killing and maiming of hundreds of people. Not that anybody cares. We are easily killed.

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The military is a mindset of discipline and integrity. One learns very quickly to take orders without hesitation, follow the chain of command and respect those who outrank you. If you can play the game and stay in long enough, you can do pretty well for yourself. It’s defiantly a different mindset.
I’ve been a military brat my whole life and when we buried my father with military honors, it was pretty emotional to receive the flag and spent shells when done. God bless the military for our freedom.

that was noble csummers…

Nice post, nick77, this made me think of the politicians currently in Congress right now…now that’s a flesh and blood human/s that really blows my mind? Power is not for the meek…the meek will inherit the earth…

Anyways, I admire you nick77. You are clean and work…that is incredible achievement as a schizophrenic and I commend you. You are just as much amazing as that colonel is in my book.

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Well thanks jukebox.

I agree with jukebox.

We are all here for different reasons and purposes. What comes easy to one comes hard to someone else. You and your life have been an inspiration to a lot of people.

I know I don’t respond much to your posts, just like when I like what I’m reading :smile: I’m glad you got good news about your mom and that your schooling and work are going good. A- is a great grade.


you have an illness…he doesn’t.
if he did have sz ,i think he would be in the corner of his office rocking to and throw…
i know someone who has tried twice to get in the australian SAS, each time he has made some excuse how his body let him down…but the truth is, mentally he is weak…
you work, hold down a job with one of the worst mental illnesses you can be aflicted with…
be proud of yourself .
take care

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People with good social skills astonish me. That they use the right tone of voice, the right words, the right body language and facial expressions…amazing!

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