You ever get into a conversation with someone in authority

And you’re not sure if that person is making sense? I run into this sometimes. Lately it’s been my boss. She’s telling me to do something and it seems she is contradicting herself and it just seems like she said the opposite thing just twenty seconds ago. But she says it with such conviction that it makes me think, “Does she know what she’s doing. Or is it me?” I may be wrong but it’s happened at least four times. She will tell me something and the 10 seconds later she will say the opposite and I will ask her what she meant and she will say without hesitating the first thing she said while looking me right in the eye. It’s very weird and confusing. It’s like talking to a professional con man.

she shouldn’t be doing that esp if she knows you got problems

I have that happen all the time. In my situations the person doesn’t know what they are doing, and yes, they directly contradict themselves from 20 seconds ago. I was just fired from my last job because my boss told me to do contradictory things and then fired me for not doing them both at the same time. He then stepped in to do the job himself, was not able to do what he fired me for not doing, and yet proclaimed himself a success to everyone who could clearly see the contradiction. Life’s full of difficult people.

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My mother thinks she is the supreme authority of the universe, and she pulls weird things sometimes just to try to start some ■■■■. Like the other day I explained that my dosage is 40 milligrams. And she corrected me, “Micrograms, it’s micrograms.” I didn’t take the bait and she looked disappointed. There are different types of crazy in the world, honestly psychosis is not the worst.


i hope my boss isnt like that if i ever got one lol

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

@77nick77 Don’t let your boss get you down. Quite possibly, the Dilbert Principle applies to the situation you’re describing.
The Dilbert Principle


The next time she asks you to do something, double check, repeat what she says in order to avoid further confusion. If that sounds weird well, you just say “Just to avoid further confusion”

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If you feel like keeping the job, bite your tongue and humor her. Try to make sure you don’t get any of the blame for her bad decisions.

i’ve always said, if you feel that you’re stuck in an Abbott and Costello routine, you’re playing straight-man.


had this happen to me once where it cost me my job…I was working at Walmart…they told me to NOT go on my lunch break until someone came to cover my shift…well the manager who told me this also told me to make sure I didn’t miss my lunch break no matter what…like in the very next sentence…so the first day no one came and I went on lunch so that I wouldn’t miss my break…got a written warning for leaving the parking lot unattended…the next day I missed my lunch because no one came…so they fired me for repeated violations…then they replaced me with a guy who was deported two months later…