You ever cringe at the idea of telepathy in the afterlife?

I mean, lots of near death experiences talk about thoughts being communication in the hereafter. After the voices though in this life, ■■■■ that. My solace is that they probably drug you up pretty good in heaven so nothing bothers you.


The nice entities never make you feel embarrassed about your thoughts. They’re very warm and well-humored about it.

Ever since upping my dose of abilify I’ve stopped obsessing about the afterlife. Yay!

But I’m sure if the afterlife exists it’ll be a bit rubbish for me. I’ll be forced to listen to Justin Bieber all day as punishment. Possibly telepathically.


Lol, are you being funny on purpose? Because that’s funny. Yeah, maybe when we die we go to heaven where we are reincarnated after two weeks, given ESP and taught telekinesis, and offered 73 virgins by a UFO.

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Gods voice is the only nice one.