You don't know me very well

If you saw me you wonder how I even get around having bad hip my surgeon is waiting for me to do an MRI to see how extensive it is what’s the osteosclerosis although he believes it’s a miracle because his x-rays show at retreat in it this may be due to another fact of treatments that I am going through at the present time over a study I didn’t Kansas City where they sent me home telling me I would lose muscle mass at my organs would start to shut down after getting better advice and doctors that would help I’ve been having to inject myself every week with a combination I look well built and my organs are still working you laugh at me a lot because you find my jokes and pictures funny not always tasteful but you still treat me like an outcast I schizophrenia is controlled with less medicine than most of you take and I have no voices your balance in life are mostly due to self stress you sure should fix that most of the monitors would agree a lot of freedoms to talk about things have been taken away and other things are talked about this should have been took it away as for me I’m just buying my time

Sorry Doc. I wasn’t the friendliest yesterday. I’m glad you’re doing so well.:smiley:

I’m sorry about your bad hip. We’ve all got something making us sz. I never knew your pain. :heart:

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I wasn’t laughing at you or in anyway making fun of you Dr Zen.

Honestly I thought your grandma picture thread was very funny, and I was just being silly with my response.

I forget easily how some humor can be misunderstood via text.

Take care, and God Bless you.

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Oh no, so sorry you feel this way. I welcome you in my space, and will talk to you anytime.

No need to defend your life. You are very important to this site.

I hope you feel better about yourself and this place.

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