You don't believe God protects fools and madmen? Well, check this out

When I was in jail they took all my clothes and put me in an orange jumpsuit. I noticed a few people were in red jumpsuits and everybody told me not to talk to those guys, they were there for serious crimes.

So at one point the deputies put me alone in a small cell with a guy in a red jumpsuit and a couple of other guys in orange jumpsuits. But curiousity got the best of me and I asked the guy in the red jumpsuit what he was in for. He looks at me and said, " They think I murdered two people in a bad drug deal and stuffed them in the trunk of my car". I said," Did you really do it"? He gave me an evil smile and said, " What do you think"? I just looked at him. So we sat in the cell for another hour.

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Omg,that’s really scary :open_mouth:

Yeah, it was pretty scary.

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