“You don’t look like you have bipolar “ 😂

Looools yeah I didn’t know there was a look.


I’ve crossed paths with people who seemed like they were a marvel of serenity to me, and then I found out all the terrible things they had done. Apparently, while they sat there so self contained their brains were doing cartwheels inside their heads. I don’t know how a bipolar person is supposed to look.


The irony of mental illness - When we want help, we cant get it. When we dont want help, it is pushed on us. When we want medication, we are drug seekers. When we dont take the medicine, we are told we must and that not wanting help or going off medication is a part of the mental illness. As mentioned before, i have hallucinations,but also have a facial deformity, which makes people want to believe i am itellecually challenged. I have toyed with the idea of acting that way , switching in and out of character, not to make fun of lower i.q. ed people, but as a reproach to the “seeing is believing” attitude. This attitude people have makes me wonder if mental health staff have their own level of cognative disonance, about me any way.


I don’t look like I have schizo-affective. When I was off meds it was NOT an invisible illness. But on meds, it definitely is.

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VERY good point!!!

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“cartwheels in side their heads” - me : Weeee! Weeee! lol

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The only reason why I mentioned it is cos she thought I left cos I had enough. (My colleague) Reality was my mind had shut down and as I looked for my way home I ended up getting to the bus stop than the train station :frowning:

Every new doctor I have ever seen says I don’t look like I have schizophrenia and is skeptical of my diagnosis.

Then the records come or I start talking.

Its offensive…

Its offensive because it shows they think people with schizophrenia should be hunched over, terrified balls of grossness.

That’s not helping, not helping.


If its any comfort, I am a ball of grossness and I think they still dont believe I had auditory halluticinations( and occassionally do sometimes).

That is what is so maddening to me. They know I have a congenital brain disorder ( that can be seen). Yet they make contradictory statements unto their own prior statements just to tell/suggest I am wrong about what is currently being said. According to them, I cant be “crazy”, I cant have a “neurological medical condition” and I can not be suffering “socialstigma”. So, it must be that I am delusional, but then they would have to admit that means i was right about being crazy.

I have to log off and go as this is giving ideas of mischief to the N th degree. such as walking in there and telling them I am hallicinating a large purple red birth mark covering half my face and crippling the mucles of one eye. For good measure, I will bring paper madical records and wave them around wildly in the air declaring loudly “UP MY MEDS!!! OH GOD THE HALLUCINATIONS FEEL SO REAL. IT IS AS I FEEL THESE HALLUCINATED PAPERS IN MY HANDS ARE TOTALLY THERE!!! AND THAT SPOT ON FACE JUST WONT GO AWAY”.

(yes i know-caps, but no, i am not yelling at anyone here. it just seems the doctors are doubting , amd inviting me to doubt, the wrong things on large basis.)

see yall later, too overwhelmed and fustrated to be of any good here for a few hours.

Unless you pace and talk to yourself and have Catalonia…yeah it’s pretty much an invisible illness. Just shower everyday and live normal and you’ll be normal. Lol. It’s not like we have labels on our back when having a bad day

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i was told by friends from high school that I told my mental illness too close friends and they all said that I don’t look or act mentally ill at least I didn’t when I was in high school. the only thing they were aware of was I was very depressed and anxious but they though it was normal for a teenager or something.

A neighbor of mine is bipolar. He seemed to behave in a strange manner as he takes his dog for a walk.

Once he told me that he called the cops after he stabbed himself with a knife and was not shy to reveal this event to me.

I’m tired of calling the cops when I NEED help (differentiate between need vs. want). It seems that whenever I do it delegitimizes the symptoms I am experiencing and the staff thinks I am doing sh@t for attention. So now when I feel suicidal and paranoid I won’t bother again.

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That is about what i am going through. According to how they treat me, they think ihave a severe victim complex and doubt everything i say. I am currently ordering 3 police reports from when I was mugged on three separate occassions including having a knife put to my throat. I am also working on finding spy glasses to record as i walk through a grocery store. This way, when people show thheir disgust the counsellors cant say i was mistaken, delusional, playing the victim, or paranoid or what ever. It seems they hold my feet to the fire for everything i say.(I thought i was going to counselling, not a trial.)

once I told a person that I have a mental illness and she said that I look like I don’t have any problems. I think for me you have to be around me a couple of hours to realize I’m a bit off…

I get that allll the time

i know this doesnt have much to do with actual bipolar but it reminded me of it :smile:

If this is what bipolar is like, well could use more bipolar in my life and less of the c**p I got.

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I’ve never gotten that one. But I didn’t tell very many people that I’m Schizoaffective Bipolar type. If there were a look, I don’t know what it would be.