You Deserve a better life?

I mean really?

How many people out there think they can have it all.

Was told this by my case worker today

For my doings when I was growing up, I do not deserve or ask anything of other people where I can help it

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Of course we deserve a better life. I’m talking those of us with MI. We didn’t ask for this sort of life. Most of us were decent people before MI hit us.


I don’t deserve nothing more or less
that what i already have.
I trust the author of this play.


I definitely want a better life. You should too.


You think you should be punished for those doings with a Sz?

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Yes its hard when case worker says something as such.

You know some time my doc will not even close his eye or even make any facial expression.

It was the same with me when I tried to be the right person, I stayed still for 2 hours in bed not even moving.

If I can accept, “I or others can make errors”, everyone can express themselves.

Just imagine one of my psychologist charged 2k and narrated a story of self harm, I was like may be he is a bad influence or had a bad day. Or He knows me well and just to pull up my socks he said it. By the way his story did work out I started to work in a farm.

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Better life is all about mentality.others are relative since every person in earth now have more comfort and meals than a king lived 1000 years every comfort about at your mind.i witness lot of turkish author who in prison make wonders in novels.ahmet altan is one of can read.he wrote most of his novels in prison.

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Very few can have it all (materially, at least). I think for many of us there is room for improvement over where we are now. I try to compare myself now to myself before. I avoid comparing myself to others. On that path lies misery.


No so much, just poetic justice I guess

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The voices have no rights to act up like the “justice-guys” IMO. If I would have to go to a prison, I WOULD. But I know my legal situation is fine right now. I think you can agree on this yourself too. :wink:

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People don’t want me to have a better life. They’ve been calling me a maid all morning, because I worked at the Holiday Inn when I was 18. I got 93% on the exam I took to be a Laboratory Scientist and think I could have gotten a PhD, like my daughter, if I would have had better guidance back then. But they want me to be a maid.

I do. I want for all of us to have better lives.

Here’s a (((hug))).



I talk to a girl. But guess she lives far away. Is that better? you maybe know.

A relationship can be do a lot.

I feel like this is generally true. Most schizophrenics, in particular, deserve a better life. Maybe, also, most people.

God helps those that help themselves, though.

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