You check this out


is an “s” on top of “z”.


Or a sideways bird?

Looks like a potato chip

I had never seen that before.

You eat some weird looking potatoe chips

I associate curly braces {…} with feelings of stupidity and failure.

{ = failure
I am haunted by memories of performing horribly in computer programming intro class while also depressed and stressed out…had to take it twice, barely passed the second time, failed out of algorithms class. I hate you, { !!

It’s used in specific circumstances, like inside an “if” statement.

if (x == 1)
[insert piece of code here];

to me it looks like a face looking left. the lower part is the chin + mouth, the bump in the middle is the nose, the upper part are the eyes + forehead + head.

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Potatoes are just the best.

Looks like a biker’s mustache.

No…NOOOOOO not the if statements. why java why! Whaaaaaaa. I am in a AP Comp sci class now and the only good thing it did was teach me that I DO NOT want to major in Computer Science.
I can program alright; it just feels so stuffy and idk evil. I mean, why do outofbounds errors follow me like the plague!
System.out.println(“comp sci be evil”);

//sorry, minor rant
//Also, I think the { makes a good symbol. In a way, it is sz which is, well SZ! Meaning it is a symbol. I’m adopting it XD don’t kill me for that.

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A mustache in the wind.

looks like human :smiley: