You can't see it. Thoughts

No one I meet would know the path my life has taken struggling every day for years with this illness
At 15 before schiz came on I thought schizophrenia was someone with two personalities
To look at me most people have no knowledge of what illness can do to a person

I saw a psychologist ages ago who still thought that schizophrenia was a split personality, said so. This was before I was diagnosed and long before I began experiencing symptoms, madness and memories. He also told me once that I reminded him of a patient he knew during his residency at a VA hospital who had such bad memory impairment that if he left the room and came back he’d have to introduce himself again.

He said to me “That’s what our sessions are like dude”

But anyway, though you’re right you can’t see it (in most cases) I still feel exposed in public and that I stick out like a sore thumb. It’s not even that I’m overweight needed a haircut months ago, I felt this way back when I was in great shape and beautiful.

I informed someone of my diagnosis about three months ago. I was having a down day, and she mentioned something about it that was completely incorrect. I asked her: “Wait, what do you think this is?”

She replied with “Something to do with multiple personalities” as if she knew exactly what she was talking about. I was a bit taken aback and have since tried to inform her of what sz actually us. Sadly, it is very hard to get across to people who can’t experience it for themselves.