You can't get away from bacon

The reason why kevin bacon is everywhere is this…

Since demons genetically spliced pigs with people long ago there came to be folks with different types of inner mandalas having to do with the literal pig genetics.

And people ■■■■■■■ love bacon.

Thus came to be the line of bacon!

Someone literally named them bacon because they knew these things.

And so everyone ■■■■■■■ loved the bacons, they could not get enough of the bacons and they didn’t understand why at all. The bacons were great people and everyone wanted to hang out with them for some reason!

The bacons come from a line of folks who have that perfect bacon combination of enjoyment!

And there you have it, this is how the degrees of bacon came about. Because they have all of those nessecary baconesque body parts from the pig gene splicing while humans were being formed long ago!


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Confirmation at long last!

Bacon has always been quite suspect to me, good to know it is indeed evil.