You can tell

How good I’ve been lately based upon my beard.

No beard=he just went through a crisis and shaved it all off. Some stubble he’s recovering.

Full beard, oh he thinks he’s Jesus. Wait is that good or bad :thinking:

And another pic from January of 2019!!! For bonus

And now jonnybegood with the weather

Thanks I’ll be here all night :tophat:


Yep i can understand that

I go by whether i can be bothered doing my nails :nail_care:


yeah, Jon! you look fly!


Yep he looks good doesn’t he!


I was thinking of growing back my beard but then I bought a new hat and it looks good so I probably won’t.


do you mean a ball cap. Phil wears those bout every day. he gets them from jobs.

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yes it’s that.


Who are you space optic

I’m guessing you’re not spaceman invader :laughing:

Am i not? :wink:


Stop Space Exploration Now!
or do you mean like being spacey as a person.
well, it happens.

Don’t think he paints his nails but ok :+1:

Ever wonder what they are looking at from space with satellites

There watching

Im female actually :smile:

If you hover over my name

yeah! fu-ck-ing sucks. what’s a human anymore, to anybody.

Can’t you just tell me who you are???(!!!

Mysteryoptic they should call u :telephone_receiver:

I can’t watch the news with Ukraine its earth shuddering it upsets

Im old enuff to be your mum

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Still drawing a blank!!! It’s cool :sunglasses:. I respect your anonymity. But I was intrigued by your comment :thinking:

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I dont know what else to say

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Then just :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face: zip it

Lol just keeding

I like you whoever u r