You can still do cool stuff even with zero confidence

Today I was cleaning the exersise machines in the gym about half an hour before I got off (work). The general or colonel or whatever he is was on a treadmill. I was dead tired, just exhausted.

I admit I was so tired and have so much sh’t on my mind from stuff going on in my life and I was so tired that maybe my composure was not all that it should have been. But I wasn’t bugging anyone, I just wanted to be left alone for the last twenty minutes and be alone with my thoughts.

The guy is cool but he just had to start some subtle sh’t with me, attracting attention and distracting me, looking at me when I didn’t feel like being looked at. Their favorite trick when you make them nervous is to suddenly speed up on the treadmill and it makes more noise and for some reason it is really annoying.

The selfish bas*ard. So the games began and I was staring at him til I scared him and he was doing his power trip. I just wanted to be alone but I won! I made him so nervous and he was picking on my weakness and me on his til he begrudgingly gave up. And I friggen won with no confidence!

Man, it felt good. I still like him but I tought him a lesson, and I learned something.

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