You can send suggestions to google

I sent one in asking them to create a home school program. Focused on creating adults ready for the boom of technical jobs comming… they could go from graduating school to working for google… it would help the whole human race if the little ones were better equiped for the future.

I wonder if they will reply…

What would you suggest to google?

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I sent my clean up the oceans and repurpose the plastics into 3d printers raw materials idea… i cant tell if im a genuis or just insane… i guess it doesnt matter…

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I’d like to ask them why according to their search engine it’s ok for schizos to be euthanised. I won’t bother though, it seems everyone wants to kick the schizo ass.


Bill Gates has funded a series of charter schools that teach software engineering, computer mechanics, and Mandarin starting in elementary school. The schools are specifically designed to create new Microsoft employees.

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Oh, I actually sent a suggestion to them asking them to remove that particular autocomplete feature. They did not respond.


It’s good of you to try Ninjastar.

Uf you still remember my terrible first post… I still feel ashamed of it.

I remember your post about the autocomplete. It was a good issue to bring up. I just wish it made a difference.

To me it just shows how society doesn’t care about people with sever mental illnesses. So called political correctness seems to have passed us by.

But yeh I posted ‘under the influence’ as I am now, so I’m going offline.

I am ashamed of that post.

Good evening ladies and gents.

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Ah, yes. That is against the rules. See you when you’re sober.

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