You can lead a horse to water but

you can make him drink! That’s right step right up and feast your eyes on my new invention, the completely automatic and exquisite horse water drinking machine!

What’s that you might ask, it’s the only device that can easily strap onto to your trusty steed and force water right down his throat if he won’t drink!

Well that looks fairly expensive you say?! With fifty seven easy payments of 99,999.99 you can own it in a jiff!

That’s right folks, no more fuss when it comes to your horses not drinking when they should.


you can’t make him think

Your invention is very good, so let me take this opportunity to inform you of what I’m currently working on:

  1. an inflatable dartboard
  2. glow-in-the-dark sunglasses
  3. I’m writing a book on how to read
  4. screen door on a submarine

Gah that’s expensive…I do have a stone that keeps away tigers…ill trade you…does not work in India China Russia or at zoos…

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I can’t wait to buy that book.

P.S.: has anyone ever thought that maybe the horse is allergic to water, so that’s why the horse won’t drink it…


Does that include shipping and handling? :smile:

Screen door on a submarine, are you gonna use flex seal or flex shot to coat the screen?


The screen door will be affixed to an interior bulkhead, not the hull.

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