You can eat as much of this food as you want and not track it according to weight watchers

Most food I eat is on this list: spinach, asparagus, broccoli, pineapple, turkey, pickles, bananas, and eggs.

Does this seem right @lolabean. Where the heck did she go?


Dates are on that list. I thought they were high in calories. That’s the only odd thing about the list though.

Edit : I think lolabean changed her username but is still here.


Oh okay I think I know who she is now.

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Eat enough dates and everything in your system will shoot out your back door forthwith.


Did she change to @mermaid1?

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Whenever I diet, I count calories down to how many eggs I ate. It’d be good to devour 4 tea eggs with Chinese style steam bun and some bean curd sauce and not count that. That would be a big meal for me…


Four of these babies clock in at 268 calories and 67 grams of sugar. That’s not nothing.


Food created by mother nature leaves hunger at bay, it almost never crosses energy balance threshold where it would become problematic if one is in constant energy surplus.

Our body is perfectly designed to react appropriately towards non-lab, non-factory foods, in other words anything that is found in nature suits our need to survive and thrive.

It’s like trying to overeat on plain boiled cold potatoes versus actually overeating on bag of salty and oily potato chips, leaving person unsatisfied, and raging with hunger. Same food. One is natural, other is altered.

Eating is really that simple. We don’t need an authority on how to eat. We can just eat what’s found in nature. Just throw away factory/junk stuff and we good.

Clever marketing weightwatchers. Round em up and take their money.

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