You can change the present

You didn’t have to be reading this right now.

See? Can’t change it, can’t change the past and can’t change the future.

The present will be the past in a moment and it is the future considering you were led to it over the course of many years.

It’s all cause and effect and we have no control over anything at all.

If only it were good though.


It might seem that way but it’s not set in stone. You don’t give yourself enough credit.

Right, you didn’t have to right that.

It could have been something entirely different.

I thought about going back and editing it to say. You can see things that way if you want, but none of it is really set in stone.

Then I DECIDED not to. And now im posting it anyway.

I didn’t have to write that, or this for that matter.

Nothing is caused to happen ever. Anything can happen, anything at all.

This doesn’t have to be happening right now, which is the past and future.

Seriously, it’s like saying we can escape or change what is happening at this very moment, it’s ■■■■■■■■.

Your DECISION was set in stone and could not be changed, it was the present, now it’s the past.

Your decisions are set in stone, every single one. They are based on certain factors in your computer flesh brain.

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Brain cannot do all the job by itself.
You’re missing social as well as environmental factors.

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You’re claiming that even a deconstruction is already written and predestined. According to genetics,we only inherit a possibilities, predisponitions to certain conditions or behaviours. There is no way that we have ever had or that we will ever have a full meaning of the things. Why so?
Think about… What is the only medium you can express yourself through.? A signs. Letters. A language. Now, can we ever tell all the things we feel,experience,enjoy… Words are limited. We are limited because of our inability to touch the full meaning of anything. Even in the moment we’re talking in symbols and metaphors. We have no approach to a true semantics of things.

All this does not mean that we are a robots of flesh. If everything is already decided / by the higher will or power i guess/ we still dont know the next step. We have a choice. That is a difference. We’ll never have an absolute meaning and it better be so.

People can plan for the future , or optimise the present to make a better future

this is similar to my thread a while ago

maybe we just travel in circles forever improving on a different version of ourselves until we have no regrets at all. That is why we say history repeats itself. That is why we experience the feeling like we’ve been hear before. When we die our souls go before the creator and designer and He or She or whatever and they asks us if we want to go back and change anything that we can of our life or just tell them , no I’ll just sit it out watching everyone else have fun out there trying to perfect the experience and I am happy living with the regrets I have accumulated so far thank you.

past is a man made thing and so is the future, all there is is the here and now

I think time would be totally meaningless if nothing at all were ever to happen, because everything takes time to happen. Otherwise, what is it good for. In a thousand years, would today have any meaning to those existing at that time as what time here means to all of us who exist or happen here now? I think it would matter a lot for those existing then would think they started from no where.