You better stop playing this 'new user' game with me

You know I am definitely not. And I am not a 'User". I’m a patron.

How are you doing these days Lister?


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Do you want an honest answer mister? in other words, would you like proof and source material… come over on Halloween, open your hershey choclate ihighway with your gag bag. Its okay, we can do the tricks and treats in my solitariy confinement space with masks and rubber gloves, pens and pencils sorts of ice pickerianism, and more than enough recording devices…present. Love you long time Sailo!. Keep it up. You will win the erection!

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Well sure. I do hope things get getter for you, kopeng.

Nay, you can’t back pedal. Our memory together is too rich. Pick up from your bot straps and take another dose. Eh, Senior? Always and truely, remember the cartels and doctor feel good, L-o-v-e-d Ya! I just wanted to fight you in the arena to test your steal.

Supposedly every one else can eat pop corn or cake.

There are good and bad memories. Genuinely wishing you a good evening here, nothing more. Not looking to start a fight or continue one.


Are you asking me to return evil with good. How heavily are you prescribed at this point? I used to love the devils advocate, and tyranny of the majority, until they stopped using lubrication … Babe. And maid a point of promoting it. Out of the many you are suppreme on my court, chick faliette. KFC of Praise. Have you scene our fine horses or unbrideled spirit yet? We call him Gaseous Clay now after the cop fathers and Uncle, Tom.

how many bulettes does it take to to stop an EMT? Just one if it is magic…several if it is tragic.

Here in KFC we gots them booths. Its finger licken.

You used to be a somebody.

Your family must be beside themselves.

Send me your autograph.

Plush some or your art.

You’re incoherent.

10mg/day of Geodon split between morning and evening. Wellbutrin 150mg morning and same in the evening. Some supps on top of that. Various and sundry heart meds to mix things up.

its cool. The dude abides. so do some ■■■■■■■. Accordingy.