You believe in when one door closes, another opens saying?

Just wondering if you believe that, and, if you do, is it fate to your or a result of your own actions? Seems like doors have closed alot lately (but no I don’t burn my bridges these days lol) but I can’t see many new open ones.

I did sign up for business law and a paralegal class at the community college I started on the 9th. It is nice to get out of the house as I spent the past two years of school online with getting my masters. And it is interesting. And it is practical knowledge not theory or even applied theory. So i’m sticking with that.

But, still. desimb

I do believe in what you say, one door opening…There is a destiny for all of us, and in truth our choices here on earth shape our destiny hereafter…

if that’s the case karl i can’t wait till my abusers get there lol.

When it comes to schizophrenia, it seems like all of the doors get closed and then locked. Its up to the individual to go find the key that unlocks, then open the doors :key: :door:


That was very nicely put. :key:

j where do u get all these emoticons from? xxx

Hi J, but isnt it so true, We, those dxed with schizophrenia have to be our own advocates - we have to basically fight for our own sanity - finding the right doctors, medications, therapists and treatment plans. I haved lived with this illness long enough to know that even though it sometimes is an uphill battle or climb, progress and stabilization can be seen

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It is true, we have to advocate for our selves and really try and get through to the docs… “no really, you have to listen to the whole sentence before you start scratching away in my folder.”

I do feel very lucky that I have some family firmly on my side. But still there are some people who don’t listen to thing we say. We have to come in with more knowledge then them at times it seems.

I was diagnosed when I was 17 and I’ll be 29 in a couple of weeks. Wow, 12 years already. (not counting all that was crumbling long before 17, I’m sure I was full blown by 11.) How long have you fighting this down?

This illness hit me full blown in my very early twenties, I would say around 20 yrs old or so. I am in my 40s now - so about 29 years or so.

I do believe in that too.

When you look for opportunities, Yes new doors will open, God gives those who are looking for it. But if you sit at home without looking forward on anything, doors will remain closed.

I always try to believe in that… I guess everything happens for a reason.

I had my dream of being in the Navy SEALs taken away by my condition, but I now have a good background for becoming a psychologist- I have experienced paranoid schizophrenia, OCD, anorexia, substance abuse, trauma, and I even had psychopathic behaviors, and I recovered from all of them. I am in college majoring in psychology, so yes a door did open wide for me…I have first-hand experience with a number of mental disorders, including schizophrenia, maybe the worst one. On the outside, I look like a psych major who lifts weights, but I have lived through a lot, I haven’t let any of my mental problems stop me from functioning.

I will probably write tons about schizophrenia when I find myself in grad school. I want to become an expert on it. I wrote a paper and gave two presentations on it in abnormal psychology, and I enjoyed doing so, I could do it all day every day.

Before you see the open doors it helps to open the eyes first.

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Yes I do believe that. My abusers closed the doo on a career in performing arts but opened another one on writing. I’ve always written but they have given me some wonderful ideas for fiction novels. Not greatful for the trauma going through them but what an opportunity to use them to my advantage!. So if I ever get around to writing them I should thank my detractors. It creates balance. Then allthey have to do is buy them and iI’ll be happy with that I think.

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I wish I remember which performer said it but the quote went something like

“the best revenge is to live long, live well and be successful.”

Yeah…something like that. I’m working on it slowly but surely.

my demons open all my doors for me, they are very kind, " thank you demon, very nice of you “.
" can i have your soul now ?” said the demon.
" not today i kinda need it !".
take care

I first heard that saying in AA. And yes, I have found it very true in the past. It’s kind of in the same vein as “Karma” or “What goes around,comes around” or “Things go in cycles” because while these sayings seem to come true for many people they are in essence just concepts. None of them ( or others like them) are guaranteed to come true.These are not physical laws that "HAVE " to work. They don’t work a a 100 % of the time. If they happen to work in someones life then fine but don’t think they HAVE to come true.

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