You are what you eat - go green

autoimmune diseases need the right nutrients to stay in remission, I’ve been heading toward a paleo diet. Not officially. But I have added spinach, kale, and the rainbow into my meals, and I feel 100% better, and I haven’t had a Sz episode. and No, I’m not on psych meds, but now I take mestinon to help keep the acetycholine around in my neurons longer, my body’s immune system destroys acetycholine, and my neurons don’t work.

here’s some information on the paleo diet

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That’s great! I am eating broccoli, apples, carrots, brussel sprouts, calliflower, nectarines, and the cherries aren’t too sweet. It’s got to help. I wish I knew how to spell these veggies. Thanks.

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This is a forum about schizophrenia. Maybe you’d be better off posting these many autoimmune topics in an autoimmune forum?

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Tried the paleo diet. Lost weight, felt better overall, but still needed head meds. Seems to be the one area it didn’t help me.


Yellow and orange are good colors in the summer time.