You are annoying uber

A driver turned me in for not having my mask FULLY ON. HE COULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING. JFC. Now I have to punch myself in the face then take a pic to ride. Being in an enclosed space. Oh no you can’t get the virus then.

Jesus. I just want to stay home.

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Learned something new.:zap::zap::zap:

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that sucks =(
I just stay home myself too… hardly ever go out. And i like it like that best… like to keep human interactions to a minimum

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Surgical masks contain larger droplets that carry the virus. Like if you sneeze.


Any mask Is better than nothing. And it always goes over your nose. It’s easy and offers protection from more than covid. I haven’t had even a cold since well before Quarantine started.


When you say ‘turned me in’, do you mean reported you to the police?

If so that’s extreme and stupid. I don’t think masks make any difference with this virus.

Mr. Sneezy is standing two feet from your face and he has COVID. Two questions:

  1. Do you want him to be wearing a mask that can catch splatter?
  2. Do you want him to wear it correctly, also covering his nose?

Curious to know your thoughts.