Yo Yo dieting

And those who yo-yo diet tend to gain more weight than those who never diet at all


I thought ur rapping…Man…!!! okay …i am thinking of starting metformin from next year…!!!
coOL news…!!!

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My weight tends to fluctuate and go up in the long run and in spite of my best efforts I find my diet has been unraveling quite a bit since the holidays have begun. It’s sad how the willpower dissolves this time of year. So far I’ve done better than previous holidays but I know I’ve already gained weight. The drugs add to the effect of course.

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:joy: 1515151515

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I wonder if skipping breakfast everyday but still eating 2,000 calories counts as yo-yo dieting

All I know is that I can’t stop eating!

I’ve cut back on my unhealthy eating habits a tad bit, but it’s still out of hand!

Maybe it’s the increase in Risperidone or maybe it’s the dark and shorter days of Autumn or both.

Not eating for day or two, while exerting tremendous energy before eating again, is how we got here. Millions years of evolution does not going away because of corporate punks said so. Who are these people? Founders of breakfasts club? 5 meals a day club? Ain’t washing my brain with any propaganda.

Hence new species was found “sugarhead” but soon extinct too. Back to the basics, is where we can discover ourselves again. People who consider fasting is dangerous, I consider them dangerous, life is that simple.