Yo rhubert

@rhubot the rhubitron


Gustav goes through this process at least a dozen times a day. He’s the ultimate murder snuggler.


that’s adorbs rhubes…

sent this on to the girl… that’s kind of what I had been doing to her over the weekend… that position.

she asked “is the cat supposed to be you?”

funny… hah… me hiding a murderous intent.

anyways… gonzo just likes kneading my tummy.

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i don’t have a cat right now, my last foster cat found a new home.

But the last time i had a cat, when i was 17 i had Trixie, she was awesome…i would fill the bathtub and she jump and soak in the hot water. sadly she was hit by a car after getting lose ONCE…the gy was ding 60 in a thirty, down hill, on ablind curve, with a 30 foot boat on his trailer… hes all like “oh i hit your cat, here 20 bucks”

Dispicable. He should pay for everything.

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Yeah I know I’m a bitch to a pussy.

oh don’t worry, when he went back to his camp all his supplies were gone, his brand new propane tank was gone and his driveway was filled with boards with nails in them POINT UP. He also found a LOT of dog feces all over his deck. his canoe was sunk beside the dock, his door was wide open and his cabin likely filled with LOTS of little critters drawn to the smell of the rotten compost spread all over the place.

just so you know I was never caught, because I was never there…it was all done by the gys neighbor after hearing about it and seeing the guys boat on my FB post…

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