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This is the last long one for awhile. There is a potentially triggering part so if you’re easily truggered skip ahead. I initially documented this for the vlog but then i realized it’s also good for social security to see it. And my doctor.

Edit: there are outtakes at the end that are quite funny. Total accident hahahaaa!!


Keep vlogging lost in the space… u are kind soul…i like ur vlog…take care cedric…


The test that you have to do in order to deduce what is the cause of the auditory experiences in the beginning of the video is ask yourself, “How is sound being made in my mind?”

If a mind has no ear drums, then no sound information can enter it.

A person born deaf can’t remember the sounds of people, but a person that became deaf later in life can.

What you have is a situation where no sound data is entering your ears, but you are hearing sounds of people anyway.

Therefore you have to resort to your memory which is just one mental faculty besides many others mental faculties all of which produce experiences.

So if you were to remember how a song went, then you would recollect memory information, and it would be directed to the audio faculty where it is processed into audio.

What is the difference between remembered sound and sound heard in the moment? The source of the information of course.

Here’s the kicker though. How are the voices making up their own conversation if they are memories?

Ahhhhh, I like that. A challenge for me to solve.

In a situation like this you have to apply the test, and ask, “How is conversation created?”

You have a mental facility for processing information, and the result is not only what to say, but literally saying it whether it is through the mouth, the keyboard, the musical instrument, hand gestures etc.

So obviously memory and the lingual/conversational mental faculties are producing these experiences. These things produce experiences anyway whenever information gets on them, and your memory banks are just one source of information getting out to that faculty.

Come to think of it…I recall many of my scz hallucinations being very conversational but not always like people speaking. There are many other forms of “conversation” that I experience that I would automatically say is the scz. For instance the bodily expression and even sense of it from within to things that are completely inappropriate. It has the feeling like there is someone else in me doing crazy chimpanzee nonsense with me trying to make me look like a fool or just being one. Also the visual hallucinations of people thinking or doing things about things when no people are there.

SO obviously memory and the conversation mental faculties would be the logical explanations since we can’t explain this with mental faculties and information sources we don’t have such as telepathy and telepathic mental conversation information leaking into our telepathy mental faculty.


I don’t know if I’m really breaking through here, but I would believe that a sure place to stand from is the belief and proof we have no telepathic mental faculty.


I totally get it! Thank you for watching :relieved:


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