Yet to go out on my own

Been here just over 3 months and I’m yet to go out on my own( the nearest I get is walking down the pathway to put my rubbish out).
It probably isn’t healthy , but I’m really scared of going out and not finding my way back to my flat.
Social services are supposed to be looking at ways to get me out more. However they are taking their time. My stepdaughter has said she will take me to any place or places, but that may be difficult given that she is working .


hope you cut a grove, and take out the trash, if you need to get a bat out and swing it a round.

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Your step-daughter sounds like good people. You’e lucky to have her.


Are you new to living on your own? Are you in a new town?

Not me. Wherever I go, the voices follow.

@firemonkey Can you walk around the block? Just turn right four times and you should be back home.

Then, as you get more comfortable with your surroundings, you could expand you walks.


Maybe you can get a assistant dog to go out with you.

The dog could find its way back for both of you and guide you back home safe.

Or s care worker could take you so many times so you remember.

When I was afraid of driving to a new place I asked a couple people to be my passengers directing me where to drive and then I remembered and was able to drive there all by myself independently.

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She is very good. When I was living miles away from her I was living in a mess . As the letter supporting my move to be near her said(She had been trying to get me to move for over 10 years) -
“Struggles to take care of his needs adequately” .


Not new to living on my own . Been in this town just over 3 months. The flat I’m in is above a cafe at the back of it. The problem is remembering the entrance to the pathway to my block(there are 5 blocks x 2 flats each).

The last place I lived in I lived in for over 20 years and basically stuck to the centre of town where I lived. I have a poor sense of direction and a strong fear of getting lost and trapped.

I’m not allowed a dog where I live.

I,too, have a poor sense of direction, but not as bad as yours, I guess. Everytime I went to a new place I tried to memorize a particular sign when I made a turn and then remembered to come back at that sign…

Tape your home address to the inside of your coat pocket. If you get lost, just ask someone for directions on how to get back to your place.

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Use the maps app on your phone to walk to your cafe. You will feel a sense of accomplishment finding a place on your own!


Nobody forces you to go out. But since you talked about it, I assume it’s been bothering you a little.
So you could start doing this:
Whenever you take out the garbage, stick around for another 10 minutes or so… without going too far, just 50 meters left or right. Live in the present, enjoy the fresh air, look at trees and buildings and people. Then go back inside.

What do you say? Up for the challenge? :slight_smile:


I have google maps on my phone. It might as well be rocket science in hieroglyphics for all I can work out how to use it. I really need something that’s techno idiot proof.

Oo. That’s a really good idea about a dog. In a lot of places you can get A medical Service Dog for schiz.

Oh sorry @Firemonkey I just saw that you can’t have dogs where you live. BUT!! I think by law they HAVE to allow you A MEDICAL SERVICE DOG, just like in gt grocery stores, and govt. Bldngs. Etc. But I could be wrong?

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