Yet another potential job has fallen through, but still trying

So the caretaking job I made a thread about last week is no longer an option. Unfortunately, the house I was meant to travel to is too far from where both places I’m living now for the job to be compatible with everything else going on in my life atm. But I haven’t given up - I put together an updated resume on an app last night (I’m restricted to operating from mobile for the time being) which I’m just going to throw everywhere I can. Hopefully something finally sticks for good soon.


Good luck! It’s not easy, but you have a great attitude.


Great work for sticking at it. It seems to be a really tough market at the moment with all this covid so hang in there. Stay positive and good things will happen. Good luck.


Tough market right now but you’re doing well by keeping at it. Don’t give up you’ll get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

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Thanks all! My boyfriend’s going to help me look for jobs tonight. How romantic. :heart_eyes:

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